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Talking to the Old Guard

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Kid Quantum

[personal profile] relativityspeaking 2017-09-11 07:16 am (UTC)(link)
[The Legion Leader can most frequently be found in her office, for whatever reason you need her.]
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After Resistance is Futile and Ray's private post

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The first time he'd been to Kid Quantum's office, Rico had pretty much been escorted there. But now he makes his way there at his own leisurely pace, arms swinging by his side.

He has no doubts that Ghostbuster will have wanted to report his actions, and Rico wants to get his account of the proceedings in first. A little later than he should have, if he wanted to have the first word (and by default provide the narrative), but he was recovering from the final assault on the base.

Once there, he pushes the door open without so much as a knock to announce his presence or ask for permission to come in.

"Quantum. There were some developments on Colu that we need to talk about."
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Kid Quantum looks up from the datapad she'd been studying, blinking rapidly as she focuses on something further than a foot away from her face.

"Oh?" she asks, her voice neutral. "All right then. Close the door and take a seat."
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[personal profile] truefaceofthelaw 2017-10-06 10:28 am (UTC)(link)
He closes the door, but opts to stand instead. Partly that he's used to it, partly that he just feels like being contrary. He tosses down a sheath of papers onto the desk. Something he'd banged out in half an hour, detailing the facts of the situation, but putting his own spin on it at the same time. Never outright lying - or at least where it could be cross referenced and checked - but stretching the account enough to be given the benefit of the doubt.

"A fuller account of the proceedings. But I can verbally recount it for you while you read if you want. There was an altercation between me and Ghostbuster when I was attempting to dispatch an infected citizen that resulted in an attack of his use of powers against me."
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The expression on Kid Q's face mostly reads "who the sprock submits a report on paper these days?", but she gathers up the papers and taps them against the desk to keep them organized in the manner in which they were delivered.

"All right," she says, leafing through the sheaf. "Report."
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Invisible Kid

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[The reason that you sometimes have to have conversations about science and espionage with a floating coffee cup.]
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Bouncing Boy

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[Support Staff coordinator and starship piloting trainer. Also turns into a giant ball.]
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Cosmic Boy

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[ Deputy leader, tactical advisor. Easily found in his office, the training facilities, or the monitor room. Someone has put an ancient "the princiPAL is your pal" sign on his office door, and he hasn't or can't remove it. ]