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But I know the truth. The moment they kill... [CLOSED]

Who| Widowmaker and Sombra
What| Talon being Talon with a side of evil bonding
Where| beach house
When| Right after 'Resistance is Futile'
Warnings/Notes| talk of death and glorification of murder, insane plans, handsiness and possibly more (will edit if necessary)

Amélie had been stoic as usual once she had been extracted from the enemy base separate from the rest of the team. She maintained that through her debriefing, answering only what she was asked, and quietly endured the standard medical check to assess the scrapes, bruises and a sore elbow she sustained during the mission. It was as though nothing of note had happened with her. Yet, underneath the surface, a unique sensation coursed through her. It was a buzzing energy that had been missing for far too long, that left her incredibly restless, mind whirling in many directions as she made her way back to the beach house.

The scent of ozone from the blown generators and the unique tang that clung to recently fired guns lingered in the air as she entered and moved through the main area to her own room. There she deposited Widow's Kiss and her spare ammunition on her bed unceremoniously before stripping of her stained clothing. Amélie could heard Sombra physically around - which was quite relieving - as she disappeared to properly bathe.

Once finished and donning what was essentially the futuristic version of yoga pants and a sports bra, Amélie stared at her own reflection in the mirror. A pleased smile curved her lips as she rolled her neck slowly. Her hands gripped the sink tighter and her nostrils flared, head turning toward where she could hear her hacker teammate. It had been so long; she didn't want to let this sensation go too soon. Much like a drug addict that had been going through withdrawal, the rush of having talked their way into getting a fresh hit was intense and Amélie wanted to make the most of it while she could. To revel and bask in the moment when, for a few seconds, all was right in her world.

And that was what had Amélie pull her hair back messily and walk right into Sombra's room where the hacker was working on something digital. Without any warning, she slid her palm up Sombra's head, pushing the violet locks up to expose the cybernetics at the back of her skull. Amélie leaned forward to catch her nails lightly on the other woman's knuckles while she typed out whatever she was, then tilted her head down. Cool breath was felt across the bare skin between Sombra's augmentations just before nose and lips brushed over it, followed by a brief grazing of teeth.

"I love the feeling of fresh blood upon my hands."
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That Sombra shivers is a given: there's a lot that she expects from Amélie LaCroix on any given day— a strict adherence to her assignments, a frigid brand of cruelty that puts Gabriel Reyes' brooding habits to shame— but this? The cool scuff of contact from the brush of her fingers, her lips, her teeth—

Her own fingertips curl against holographic keys, eyelids fluttering shut before she rolls her head forward by degrees, away from her companion's searching grasp.

It's not that she doesn't like it, it's the fact that she distantly worries Amélie might still be somewhat unhappy about Sombra's out-of-body intrusion. Letting her guard down after a little indulgent contact isn't an opening she aims to repeat.

"Went that well, huh?"

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"I can tell." Mild and wry, the fact that she hasn't been bitten yet for letting Amélie stay flush against her is a good sign, she figures. Her wrist is pulled away from the keys, and in the absence of direct contact, they flicker away— automatically deactivating. Part of the benefit of her cybernetic adjustments means she's always capable of storing her work in the blink of an eye.

It is, after all, all in her head.

"Who would have guessed the Legion's finally learning heroism has its limits."

Tipping her head back just slightly (testing the waters inch by tentative inch), Sombra melts into her companion's contours. Maybe Amélie's being entirely honest about the satisfaction running through her veins. Maybe she's riding the high— and feeling infinitely more human in the process.

How curious.

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"I keep everything, hermosa— " Her response cut short by a sharp inhale, metal spine arching back as Amélie's teeth clip the edge of her ear. There's an intensity to it, lurking just beneath the surface. Those teeth don't sink in deep, those fingers at her wrist don't bear down with a biting sense of urgency; Amélie is a practiced hand, but to Sombra, this feels more sincere...

Not programmed, natural.

"Someone's feeling affectionate." She swallows down the feverish rush of blood in her veins, playing it off as she forces her shoulders to round out— sinking back against her companion with feigned indifference, as if it's the world's most casual conversation.

"You sure you're not here to kill me, too?"

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"Great." Sombra snorts, eyes rolling in spite of the comfort of closeness— the slow scuff of nails across bare skin. It's not entirely bitter: she knows Amélie's a killing machine the same way she knows Gabriel isn't— not really, not at his core. All the little varying degrees of maliciousness the three of them share.

Her cybernetic spine relaxes, shoulders rounding out, head tipping back to rest in the crook of Amélie's shoulder. She misses him.

She wishes he'd come back already.

"I'm starting to think you missed my body more than I did."

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"You're screwing with me."

She isn't. Sombra knows that already, even as Amélie's thumb slides along the trimmed arch of her brow. Violet eyes sliding upwards, carefully taking in the sight of her companion's backlit silhouette against a faint violet glow. A stockpile of collected electronics, all repurposed and repaired - even after the disaster.

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There's a dense hiss for that smug commentary, Sombra's lip twisting at the corner. With her work gone, those claws are set to Amélie's side instead, curling in against fabric.


Because like this? Amélie clearly thinks she is. Cute, and clever, and every bit as alluring as the rumors about her would imply— but those that whisper their grim stories about the assassin they'd seen don't know the truth about who she used to be. Who she is now.

That, at least, is a luxury Sombra intends to keep for herself.

"You should kill people more often."