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He's not a Legionnaire. Not yet. Not through lack of trying, however. More because of the simple reason that he's not been medically cleared for duty. The doctor working on him, not Gym'll but an assistant, insists that he must have some superpower if he's come in with everyone else. Apparently no one had ever come through as a normal human.

Eventually, he'd just gotten tired of it and walked out when he heard the alarms go off. It'd seemed like everyone was rather busy and he'd been stuck in the medical area for nearly a month while people argued about what to do with him. It had been a mess, but he slipped back aboard without much of an issue, other than some light burns, and decided that he'd rather stroll around a bit before finally reporting back to Medical.

Unfortunately for him, this means Medical is in full lock-down mode, total panic as they try to locate the puzzle, the man who broke the rules by arriving with no powers who'd vanished in the emergency. Meanwhile, he's taking in the sights. Taking care of some errands. Stretching his legs.

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