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What| Doin' stuff.
Where| Legion World
When| Post plots.
Warnings/Notes| Shouldn't be any.

He's not a Legionnaire. Not yet. Not through lack of trying, however. More because of the simple reason that he's not been medically cleared for duty. The doctor working on him, not Gym'll but an assistant, insists that he must have some superpower if he's come in with everyone else. Apparently no one had ever come through as a normal human.

Eventually, he'd just gotten tired of it and walked out when he heard the alarms go off. It'd seemed like everyone was rather busy and he'd been stuck in the medical area for nearly a month while people argued about what to do with him. It had been a mess, but he slipped back aboard without much of an issue, other than some light burns, and decided that he'd rather stroll around a bit before finally reporting back to Medical.

Unfortunately for him, this means Medical is in full lock-down mode, total panic as they try to locate the puzzle, the man who broke the rules by arriving with no powers who'd vanished in the emergency. Meanwhile, he's taking in the sights. Taking care of some errands. Stretching his legs.


First stop? The colors had to be repaired. No one knew who Captain America was, and the people who recognized the name 'America' seemed more interested if he was married to someone who, he supposed, was a lawyer if her codename was any indication. No, he'd given that a shot and they'd both agreed that dating her when he couldn't imagine himself as anyone but Captain America had been unfair.

It had taken him a while, well over half an hour, to convince the little bug men that all he wanted were repairs to his uniform. No added seams for 'realism', no armored plates, no kevlar, and especially no chrome.

Still, they insisted, and so anyone dropping in for an alteration will be treated to the sight of Steve Rogers, stripped down to his y-fronts, reading through news reports from a datapad held at arm's length while being swarmed by the insectoids and their tape measures. Every now and then they'll make a request and he'll flex a muscle for them or shift his weight to a new pose, prompting more pleas to allow them to update. All, sadly, politely declined.


Second stop? The gym. Not the fancy ones that the Legionnaires got to use. That one was restricted, and given his lack of access credentials... Well, it was unfortunate, but the regular employee gym worked out just fine for him. He'd stripped to the waist and done a few rounds of the machines and weights available, the ones he could figure out at least, and been fairly satisfied. And, unfortunately, attracted a bit of a crowd. But it didn't seem like anyone was in a hurry to call security, so he'd just gone about his business.

Sometimes he'd chat with people in snippets while jogging around the track at a brisk pace that allowed him to lap the bicyclers. Other times, discussing some children's schoolwork while they hung off the weights he was lifting. And at other points, simply being watched while gripping a pole, holding his body perfectly straight parallel to the ground, and doing sideways chin-ups.

The brief discussions were enlightening. And provided more information than he'd gotten locked up in medbay.


Unfortunately, in a crisis like Colu faced, there was always someone to take advantage. Looters to be shuffled around to the science police. The Legionnaires stored them while they could, but now was the time for the transfer.

However, as the group of them is being loaded through the Observation Deck, towards the T-Gates to be transferred to the real detention cells under the authority of the Science Police, three of them break loose. Utilizing a concealed laser wrench, a converted tetraspanner, and (in a move later decided to be mostly cheating by the other prisoners) a detachable prosthetic hand, three Coluans break away and rush through the halls. The guards call out after them, warning about there being no escape, but as far as Coluans were concerned? They just had to hide, get into the network at a later date, and get free.

Unfortunately, their path to illicitly gained freedom has a large obstacle in the form of a chunk of All-American Beefsteak named Steve Rogers. Blinking, taken by surprise by the sudden activity, he watches them approach almost in slow motion. Two of them move to either side, to slip past, but the other Coluan dips his shoulder and charges like he's going to plow through the good Captain. Steve's arm drifts out at lightning speed and almost lazily swats the man with the back of his hand, sending the alien flying off to the side, spinning through the air like a paper ornament.

He turns to watch the others flee, and pauses as he spots other costumed company. Well, it almost seems like it would be rude to snag the two fleeing criminals when they're right there. He doesn't want to step on any toes. But it would just take a snap of his shield to...

Cap narrows his eyes, spreading his feet just slightly to brace himself for action, and waits to see how the local heroes like to handle things. If they want help, he'll offer it without hesitation. If not, well. Best not to get in their way.

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